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Why You Have To Be So Mean? | Sparkling Stars

Why You Have To Be So Mean?

Dealing with an issue such as bullying can be hard especially for teenagers that are just starting to grow up. If you have a bullying problem don’t be discourage or run away and hide, you should never turn to drugs and other harmful things to deal with these types of situations. Also, don’t give into peer pressure; if you don’t feel comfortable doing something than don’t do it, and under no circumstances should you turn to suicide.

These types of issue have been coming up more and more nowadays, and we being to hear story about a new girl or boy in school who gets picked on and beat up by her classmates, then things get series when they thinks there is only one way out and takes their own life. If you are being bullied or want to stand up against bullying then visit “Teens Against Bullying” online and find out what you can do to help stop harassment. The campaign is lead by singer and actress Demi Lovato, who was singled out in high and still is today by millions all around the world. Lovato recently went into treatment for emotional and mental issues; some believe the bullying she deals with has something to do with these problems.

So, join the fight to stop the hurting of others and prevent something dangerous from happening to anyone else. If you are going through this or something similar we advise you to tell a friend, teacher, or parent about what you are dealing with and surely they can help you. The videos below will help you learn to be positive, confident, and over coming bullying.

Credit for these videos goes to YouTube beauty and fashion guru “RachhLoves” and “Tiahope94”

Credit for the pictures goes to Deviantart’s ldevitte and Thewillowwitch.

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