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5 Staple Apps | Sparkling Stars

5 Staple Apps

There are so many apps that you cannot name them all. You can have everything from music to shopping right at the click of a button that is if you have a smart phone. However, with millions of apps to choose from the question is, which ones are must-haves? So, here are 5 staples apps people should download, bonus they’re free.

Tumblr: Probably the most addicting website ever. Instead of Tumblr the site should be called therapy. On the site the lost and lonely, hopeless romantics, day-dream believers and adventurers can posted different photos or random thoughts, or even share stories. Also, there is a ask button on each person Tumblr page were enables you to ask he/she questions. You can also follow people’s Tumblr pages, reblog and like their post.

Instagram: This app is widely known and is for those people who love to share photos. It been said that a photo is a memory captured forever. So, why not catch that memory and share it with your friends. Your Instagram followers can see your photos, comment and likes them. If privacy is an issue you can set your photos to private and must accept the people who ask to follow you. This is great if you just want your friends and family to see the photos you distribute, instead of the world.

Pandora: Music can speak to the soul, and nothing is better than having your own personal radio where you’re in control. With Pandora people can set up various music stations listening to only the music they like and skipping the rest. Another great feature is that you can dislike certain songs, which keeps them from ever being played again, and like certain tracks. However, the only downfall is that you’re not a paid user of the site than you can only skip a handful of songs before you are unable to skip anymore.

LinkedIn: Lots of people call LinkedIn; Facebook for business people and that is true. Sign-up add your academic and professional experience than start networking. You can meet people for all other the world in every career field imaginable. The site is a great way to get your feet into the world of business. You’ll be surprise how much the site can help your career aspirations.

Facebook Messager: Text messaging is now a thing of the past, because with this app you can message your friends for free. Nevertheless, make sure that your friends have to app as well unless you’ll have to wait until the log into Facebook to reply, which defeats the purpose of the app. The cost of a smart phone, Internet and minutes can drain your bank account; now you can save a little extra cash by omitting that pesky text messaging charge.

There you have it, Sparkling Stars recommended and tested top 5 must-have apps. Let us know in the comments below your favorite apps.

*Credit for the photo used in this article goes to DeviantArt Artist RazzoClimhazzard.*

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