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5 Reasons to not Buy Fake | Sparkling Stars

5 Reasons to not Buy Fake


  • Being caught is embarrassing: Owning a pretty piece of fake means living your life in a fear that one day somebody will grab your $120 Chanel clutch and announces loudly, “O my… it is not real!” I know, I know, such a situation might take place only in a “Sex in the City” episode and your head. However, every time you go to a nice restaurant, trendy fancy nightclub, or any fancy gathering, you would ask yourself, “Do they know? Does this blonde know? Does this dude in a cool suit know?”
  • No comments, please: Another social issue is when somebody loves your Fake-nstein and wants to compliment you on it. The chances that you blush and respond “It’s fake!” are pretty high. It is just difficult to nod proudly, when a compliment is not deserved. Even if, you are a hard nut, likely you will still avoid bragging about this new pair of shoes you just bought at Choies.com.
  • You are missing the bonus: Buying the real deal stuff is not only about the actual things, but the experience you are getting with it. A real Chanel purse does not come in a plastic wrap. It has a beautiful box, a sandy bag cover, a care card booklet, and a unique authenticity card. When you go through these treasures, you feel like a fairy tale princess. Many marvelous purses come with a wallet, key-chain and other wisely designed conveniences. Some brands offer you maintenance services along with a purchase or a club membership.
  • Shocker! The quality is not there: Certainly, you do not expect a $50 replica of the $1500 bag to have a silk lining or a lining at all. Yet, sometimes basic things do not work: zippers do not slide or Velcro does not stick. It is disappointing because you still paid something, and until the very last moment you naively believed your copy would be extremely close to the original, did not you? The bottom line is: this would not happen with a $50, but authentic, Gap bag.
  • What you like in the original will only be in the original: Authentic products cost that much for a reason. Somebody thought through every little detail, took care of everything – from a scrupulously architected heel for maximum comfort to the right shade of gray. More likely, your mere affordable clone will not be that tuned. The metal will be too shiny, the buttons – too large, the proportions – distorted. You are also missing out the convenience factor. Manolo Blanik shoes are famous not only for their look, but also for not causing any blisters or pain. 
  • *Disclaimer: Credit for the photo used in this article goes to DeviantArt Artist Art-Lover-Ree.*

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