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How to Play the Dating Game | Sparkling Stars

How to Play the Dating Game


Every female knows that there is nothing more confusing than guys. Girls do so much for guys, looking cute, laughing at their jokes and once in a while agreeing with them. Yet, guys seem to think of dating as a game; how do girls play this game and win? Well here are some tips that just might help you become the victory of your next relationship.

1. Take You Time: If a guys texts or calls you do not an immediately wait an hour and then talk to him. He will think you are too busy with some other guy to talk to him and get a bit jealous. You want him to think that you do not need him, but secretly want him.

2. Don’t Over Communicate: If a guy has not called, texted or sent you a Facebook message all day then do not start sending him another message. It might be hard but wait it out; let him come to you. Remember if he does not insinuate communication in at least three days it is time to move on and find a guy that deserves you.

3. You Are Just So Busy: Guys love the chase. If he asks you out say something along the lines of, “I’m busy, but maybe I can work you.” He will want you so much more. When you do go out with him, mention that you have to be home early because you have got plans tomorrow. He will wonder if those plans are with another guy.

4. Make Him Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine. Everyone loves to laugh and who made the rule that guys have to make girls laugh. You might be surprised, but guys like it when girls are funny and do not take themselves too seriously.

5. Girls Rule: The last and most crucial tip is that you make the rules. Do not let a guy take control of the game. To get the guy, a girl has to be flirty, coy, funny, serious and most importantly be herself. A guy has to like you for you; otherwise they are not worth your time. Go into every relationship without the expectation of marriage and just have fun.

*Disclaimer: Credit for the photo used in this article goes to DeviantArt Artist Jaymyccah.*

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