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Lulu App Just For Fun or Plain Cruel | Sparkling Stars

Lulu App Just For Fun or Plain Cruel

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While watching GMA I learned about this new app that has gone viral called Lulu. The purpose of the app is for girls to rate men. Once you download the app you sign up and it can instantly transfer all your male Facebook friends where you can rate them, add comments, and see how others rated them. Also, people can take quizzes, get dating advice and search for guys. Creator of Lulu, Alexandra Chong 0calls the app “Dating intelligence” but some find it shallow and sexist.

In the app store Lulu presently has four and a half stars, yet many of the comments are less than supportive of this “dating tool”.

One person writes “Sexist app that would be taken down if it was rating women on appearance.” Another commented, “This app is cruel! I am a woman, and I was curious to look at this app, but the way it rates men is unfair! I mean, these are human beings. I do feel that I am a feminist, and I am all for women’s rights but, disregarding gender, this is just wrong on a human level. If there was a female equivalent, I think most of us would be crushed to read these things about ourselves. This legitimately borders on cyberbullying.”

Nevertheless, the negative attitude towards the app hasn’t fazed Miss Chong, commenting “Ultimately, Lulu is controversial. There are people that love Lulu, and there are people that hate Lulu. We believe that the controversy is certainly an element of our success so far. All kind of truly successful breakout products and services have to be somewhat controversial or — how the industry calls them — disruptive, because the disruptive and controversial products are what challenges us and pushes our boundaries. Think back to the early years of Facebook — facemash, tagging, poking. When these features were launched they were very controversial.”

How do you feel about this app? Is it just for fun or cruel? Let us know in the comments below.

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