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Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen | Sparkling Stars

Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen

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I have loved fairy tales every since I was a little kid; I remember countless of Halloweens wear I dressed up as a Disney Princess. I waited a bit longer than other to see Frozen but I thought that I’d give my thoughts on the film anyways. I hope my review doesn’t spoil the movie for other, but if you don’t want to know spoilers I’d refrain from reading my review.

The Plot:The movie follows two royal sisters Elsa and Anna. Elsa was born with ice powers and held a close bond with her younger sister, Anna. However, one morning while the girls are playing Elsa accidentally injures Anna. Once the King and Queen find out they take Anna to get healed by the trolls and removes all memories of Elsa’s powers from her mind. Scared of the kingdom discovering their daughters secret they spend their days locked in the castle; Elsa feeling guilty about hurting her young sister that she shuts her out completely creating a rift between them. Many years past, the girls face tragedy when their parents die and now they must rule, Arendelle. On Elsa’s coronation ceremony, Anna prayer to find love is answered when she meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. The two quickly fall in love and get engaged that night. Though, when Anna asks for her sister, the queens, blessing for the wedding and Elsa denies her believing she cannot possibly love someone she just met Anna is devastated. Anna pleads to her sister to bless the wedding and go on to confront her about shutting her out all these years. Under stress and over whelmed Elsa reveals her powers scared that the town will fear her just as she fears herself she runs away. Anna shocked realize that she must go after her sister, not only because she loves her but somehow Elsa has created a never ending winter in Arendelle. Thus, Anna’s journey begins and on the way she meets some new friends to help her on her quest.

Songs: In total there are nine songs in the film all of which are fun and catchy. The songs “For the First Time in Forever” and “Let It Go” where the two main showcasing both girls in emotions and feelings. Other songs such as “In Summer” and “Fixer Upper” where very upbeat and added some much needed lightheartedness to the more emotional tunes in the movie.

Pitfalls: As many films their are some aspects in the picture that I could grabs or wish they done differently. A major downfalls was the fact that it was never explained why Elsa was born with these powers and not Anna. I wonder that throughout the film and was disappointed when it was never revealed. Also, you feel as though the parents could have prevented this by teaching Elsa how to take control of her powers instead of fearing them. Another downfall was the villain being Prince Hans, of course there were some tells that he might not be all good but you just want him to be one of the good guys. I would have liked it much better if he had an evil father forcing him to be evil when in actuality he didn’t even want the thrown and ends up falling in love with Elsa, who didn’t get a love story in the movie.

Favorite Scene: The minute he came into the picture you fall in love with Olaf, the snowman. He is the comedy relief in my opinion and all the best scenes had to do with him. My particular favorite scene was the one when they when to visit the trolls, thinking that they were a bunch of rocks Olaf tells Anna to run because he loves her. It was a funny and cute scene that will make anyone laugh.

Overall, I give the film a solid “B+” because it was a great story about sister love and that you don’t always need someone to save you. I would say that keep an open mind and don’t compare it to other Disney Princess movies that have come before because it is a new kind of fairy tale. I would like to point out that in my opinion it isn’t as good as “Tangled” but not as disappointing as “Princess and the Frog”. I thoroughly enjoyed the picture and would recommend it to others.

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