Grace Kaufman: Soon To Be Everywhere

Who is Grace Kaufman? She is the star of Apple TV’s newest film “The Sky Is Everywhere” an adaptation of Jandy Nelson’s YA novel, of the same title. The actress was a senior in high school when she went out for the role, of Lennie, in the film. The auditions took place in 2020 while the world was on the cusp of a major pandemic one that would eventually shutdown Hollywood for months. “When everything felt so uncertain, and I was experiencing a lot of isolation and confusion,” Kaufman explained in an interview with WWD. “And grieving the loss of things that were taken away in an instant.” ⁽ ¹ ⁾

The 19-year-old actress was fortunate enough not to have lost any one during the pandemic, but the epidemic did help her connect more to Lennie. “I resonated with Lennie because I understood that feeling. It was a universal feeling. Everybody was dealing with loss and trying to find their way through a confusing time, a really scary time,” she says. “I think everybody’s adjusted a bit more to this new way of life, this new normal, and that’s what Lennie goes through in the movie — having to deal with so much pain, but also coming to terms with life going on.”⁽ ¹ ⁾

Grace told W Magazine that being a teenager, in general, is a roller-coaster in itself. “Being a teenager is a very unique time in someone’s life because they’re trying to navigate what it is to be alive and find themselves and grow into an adult.” ⁽ ² ⁾ Despite the tough subject matter, the star was excited to snag the lead role.”It felt surreal getting to play her. The Sky Is Everywhere was something that I had heard about but I hadn’t read myself. I don’t think I had really realized how important this story was to so many people and how a lot of people grew up on it and read it in high school. It painted their outlooks on teenagehood. That was really special. It felt like a total privilege. I felt very, very honored to get to be a part of it and tell Lennie’s story.” ⁽ ³ ⁾

Kaufman hopes that people can relate to Lennie and the importance of the story. “The film is a coming-of-age story about a woman, too. I hope young women can see a bit of themselves in Lennie. Stories like these are so important, and I don’t see enough of them out there, so I’m really happy this is coming out for people to see.” ⁽ ⁴ ⁾ Also, if you are fan of the Twilight love triangle “The Sky Is Everywhere” might be for you. “I grew up loving the Twilight movies,” she says. “It was cool to be a part of a film that also has a love triangle a little bit, similar to Twilight. So they tie together a little, oddly enough.” ⁽ ² ⁾

The film is now streaming on Apple TV, which has a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, but it does include a 7-day free trail.

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