Teen Wolf Movie Casting Update

Teen Wolf was a wild successful show that ran on MTV for six seasons. The series follows high-schooler Scott McCall, who gets bitten by a creature in the woods. Changing him from a normal teenager to a werewolf. Along with his best friend Stiles Stilinski and longtime werewolf Derek Hale he learns to balance his new found abilities while maintaining his everyday responsibilities.

The show aired its final episode in September of 2017 and had a large fan base. In 2021, streaming service Paramount+ announced that they would be releasing a Teen Wolf movie. However, some fans are curious to see if all the original cast members will be returning for the movie.

It has been reported that Tyler Posey, who played Scott McCall will be returning. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since there wouldn’t be much of a movie with out the shows main character. Other cast members returning are Holland Roden, who played Lydia Martin, Shelley Hennig who was introduced in season 3 as Werecoyote as Malia Tate. Crystal Reed is also slated to appear, which is interesting since her character Allison Argent was killed off in season 3 finally.

However, Scott’s best friend Stiles, played by Dylan O’Brien, will not be making an appearance in the film. And, Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale will not be in the movie as well. Although, Tyler opting out of the film isn’t to shocking due to the fact that the actor left the series in season 4, and now stars as Superman in the wildly popular CW series Superman & Lois.

Fans have mixed feelings about the casting news with many believing that the movie will not be the same without O’Brien and Hoechlin. Only time will tell if the movie will be as well received as the series. With all the casting news a release date should be, hopefully, soon. Follow or check back for more Teen Wolf movie updates and other entertainment news.

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